breeders of Arabian Horses

since 2014

breeding Arabian horses encourages a Life to Love 

The beginning

The foundation stock consisted of a stallion, Johrhemar Natih Ibn-Shakkarr (Shakkarr x Johrhemar Nawal); four mares Johrhemar Jeddah Bey (Bey EL Jamaal x Johrhemar Marmara), Johrhemar Verona Bey (Bey EL Jamaal x Johrhemar Atbara), EKS Ballerina (Romanza AA x Aroussa Shenaya) and Johrhemar Karbara (Johremar EL Gazell x Gazella Bint Masri); and two fillies Johrhemar Lili Marwteyn (ZT Marwteyn x Johrhemar Galena Bey) and Skyroo Kamar (Belvedere PSY x Johrhemar Karbara).

The initial guidelines of acceptance is based on conformity regarding the horse’s structure and balance. Coming into contact with many horses as well as people within South Africa, a preference of type came into the equation, this traced back to definite bloodlines and pedigrees. Understanding the phenotype and genotype of the Arabian, the Skyroo Stud settled on the intricately bred Johrhemar Arabian horses. These horses are tall, noble, and classic with great temperaments as well as exceptional movement incorporating extreme tail and neck carriage.