In 2020 the Skyroo brand took on the challenge of expanding its grounds to help add to the Arabian horse industry. This new venture involves providing much needed assistance to other breeders and owners, Skyroo Arabians Centre is the known entity that offers this as a service to ensure better quality and care for all horses. The aim is to give breeders and owners a ‘leg up’ and to become part of the bigger picture so to say.

Many breeders and owners do not have the time; experience; and/or capabilities to properly and professionally achieve results and success in this industry. There are a great number of quality horses that have amazing potential but are not managed correctly and/or are in the wrong hands. 

Skyroo Arabians Centre is currently in collaboration with another local breeder within South Africa and is managing the breeding and training activities for a few clients. There is room for growth and so much potential in this industry, it’s just a matter of being connected to the right people who are willing to help others achieve.  

In 2019 we acquired our first Straight Egyptian Arabians, we had made the decision to innovate our breeding programme to better the quality of the next generation at Skyroo Arabians. Working and travelling around countries in Europe and the Middle East made it clear that Straight Egyptians are very important and influential when it comes to producing high quality foals, adding true type. Straight Egyptians are grouped according to family blood strains, all three of our acquisitions belong to the Saqlawi Jidran family. Below you will see the two mares we have added to the broodmare barn as well as a colt who will be the future sire of many at Skyroo Arabians. 

The mare below was bred by Arabian Heart Stud in Italy by Andre Dello Iacono, we would like to thank Monika Savier for helping us source this mare. She is exactly what we envisioned when looking for a Straight Egyptian mare, and this pedigree is proven to produce high quality and true type. We are very happy with Soraya and have decided to breed her to EKS Farajj (Ibn Farid x EKS Bint Helwah by Laheeb), she is due to foal at the end of 2020. 

AH Princess Soraya (2012 Grey Mare)

(Al Ayal AA x Jamila MPE by True Colours)


The second mare we obtained was sourced from a Straight Egyptian breeder in Morocco, Adham Chakhachiro, Anna Cusdin and Absolute Arabians helped make this possible. Stardust TA was bred by Arabians Ltd. in America, she has produced three foals, and is currently in foal to EKS Farajj (Ibn Farid x EKS Bint Helwah by Laheeb) due to foal at the end of 2020.

Stardust TA (2009 Grey Mare)

(Mishaal HP x Thee Kieshta by Thee Asil)


During a visit to the famous Ariela Arabians Farm in Israel we found our future sire, we were looking for mares at the time but our dear friend Jaco Koen from El Galal Arabians South Africa informed us about a special colt Ariela had bred early that year. After an amazing presentation by Chen Kedar and her team we decided to add the colt to our Straight Egyptian programme. The colt, Baraj AA, possesses some of the best blood seen in Straight Egyptian Arabians today, his sire Shaheen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA by Mishaal HP) is a young sire at Ariela Arabians and is taking over breeding duties from his well known father Al Ayal AA who is currently on lease to Al Shaqab in Qatar. The dam of Baraj AA, Basmah AA, is a well known Laheeb daughter out of Al Baraqai AA who is a daughter of The Vision HG. This blood is known to produce top quality and we are very excited to introduce Barajj AA to the Skyroo Arabians breeding programme

Barajj AA (2019 Grey Colt)

(Shaheen AA x Basmah AA by Laheeb)