about us

Skyroo Stud is situated between Bonnievale and McGregor in the Western Cape of South Africa.

In the year 2000 it was instinct that brought us to this place of hills and valleys within the Klein Karoo between the mountains of Riversondende and the Langeberg. It was in the beauty of the Karoo and the vastness of the night sky where Skyroo was born. Only a 2.5 hour drive from the city centre Skyroo Stud – within the Cape Winelands – originated as a family getaway. This region is well known for its picturesque setting and world class wines giving our visitors the option to enjoy the many offerings of the surrounding area.

In 2014 Arabian horses were introduced to Skyroo Stud, now known as Skyroo Arabians Stud. At Skyroo Arabians Stud we selectively breed a few foals each year, not wanting to breed quantity but rather quality. While Skyroo Arabians Stud continues to add to its breeding programme it felt necessary to reach out to other breeders. Skyroo Arabians Centre was created in 2020, expanding the Skyroo brand by assisting others in the Arabian industry is the main objective. Skyroo Arabians Centre is a professional platform that manages not only the horses and breeding programme of Skyroo Arabians Stud but offers this service to all other breeders/owners too. The main purpose is to better the next generation of the Arabian breed and bring the best out of every horse under the management of Skyroo Arabians Centre – ‘Quality at its Finest’

Skyroo Arabians Centre adheres to a certain breeding standard, this is done to try and preserve the best traits that Arabian horses possess. This is a main priority as breeding for quality is the goal in the end. Understanding the Phenotype as well as the Genotype of the Arabian horse is essential when it comes to breeding. The combination of these two elements results in a specific ‘type’, and that’s when magic is made. Over many years a lot of effort has been made to increase our knowledge regarding the different traits and blood strains the breed entails of. Extreme type is the ultimate goal when it comes to breeding for the next generation at Skyroo Arabians Centre.

While striving to achieve the best results in the breeding barn Skyroo Arabians Centre is very much involved with all the other related activities that comes along with being a breeder/owner.

These activities include: